Stay in shape

A modern fitness room with exercise equipment.


The first floor of the recreation center features a spacious gym with large mirrors and a panoramic window overlooking the parking lot.

There are more than a dozen new exercise machines for various muscle groups, as well as dumbbells and other sports equipment.

The area for cardio provides an elliptical trainer and a stationary bicycle.

The gym is free for our residents.

Fitness equipment:

elliptical trainer; exercise bicycle; trainer for Leg/Calves Press; trainer for the thigh biceps / quadriceps; trainer for inner side / outer side of thigh; trainer for the abs / waist; trainer for the chest press / inclined chest press / shoulders press; top rod pulling / pulling to chest; trainer for the hands biceps / triceps; trainer for pull-up / push-ups; multifunctional trainer for different muscle groups; weight bench; adjustable dumbbells.


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