Summer idyll

Safe and civilized vacation near the water.


We take good care of our beach – we buy fresh sand every year and clear it every morning.

Our guests can use the deck chairs. Swimming area is fenced off with buoys, and there is a lifeguard on duty on the beach.

We also have a large pier for yacht mooring, a slipway for launching motorboats and a swimming area for children.

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A pool measuring 5x20 meters with an area for children and a retractable dome, filled with water from a well and equipped with an automatic cleaning system.

There is a patio with deck chairs near the pool where you can relax and take a sunbath.



enclosed swimming area; lifeguard; deck chairs; swimming area for children; boat ramp and pier for mooring.


5x20 meters; sweet water; area for children; retractable dome protecting from wind.


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