Room for disabled guests

Designing and equipping this room, we were guided not only by standards of comfort, but also the wishes of its future residents. Doorways in the room are wider and there are no thresholds. A kitchenette and clothes hanger are designed to be comfortable to use while sitting. The bathroom is equipped with hand-rails, and there is a convenient folding seat in the shower.

If you arrive with travel assistants, there is an adjacent room for their residence (booked separately).

The cottage where this room is located is near the restaurant. Entrances are equipped with wheelchair ramps.

Room for disabled guests

Double room with park view. The room is equipped with a kitchenette. The bathroom is equipped with handrails, and there is a convenient folding seat in the shower. The room has a separate outside entrance that is equipped with a wheelchair ramp.

The price includes in-room breakfast.

from 4,500/5,000/4,500 RUR per day

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